2018 Review, and a look at 2019

With 2018 over, there are several experiences to reflect on, both positive and negative. What went well this year? The community is amazing I am so happy to see the Budgetwise community be made up of friendly, supportive people from all walks of life. The level of enthusiasm is unreal, and one of the major…


Frontend Revamp Pt. 1 is Complete, and Closing Thoughts for November

The first portion of the frontend overhaul is complete, and you'll notice the before/after for the budget screen is a huge difference in terms of usability and speed. There are still a few minor annoyances I need to fix (like empty category groups still being unable to delete, new category groups sometimes starting as…

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Bank Sync Launches, and Notes for November

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October Status Update and Future Plans

The bank sync feature is wrapping up development as we test and resolve various edge cases. Aside from adding recurring transactions and split transactions, most of October will be spent doing a major refactor of the code, to overhaul and improve the overall workflow experience. Currently if you have a slower internet connection, for example,…

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Coming Soon: Bank Sync, Split/Recurring Transactions, and QFX/OFX Importing

With the transaction workflow now much smoother, there are several exciting features that are currently being focused on, aside from continuous bug fixes and enhancements. Bank Sync Though initially anticipated for the end of August, we needed to switch gears to revamp the transaction process as it was becoming a real hindrance and needed to…

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