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    Kent and wife Laura with daughters Mackenzie and Alexandra

    Mackenzie is studying psychology/social work at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York, and Alexandra is studying graphic design at National Technical Institute for Deaf, also at RIT.


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    Kent with young men at Brian Pruitt's Power of Dad in Saginaw

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    Kent's family celebrating his father's 80th birthday, September 2012, at Riverfront Grille Restaurant in Chesaning.

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    Santa Kent ready to meet the kids at DHS Christmas party.

    He dyed his beard and eyebrows, wore glasses, and only one child recognized him! Read more about more volunteer work Kent does here.


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    Kent with his seven brothers and sisters and parents Luann and Richard paused for a picture at their 50th anniversary celebration.

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    Some of Kent's nieces, nephews, great nieces, and great nephews gather for a picture after Thanksgiving dinner, 2012.

Countdown to the Election

-1447 days until the election!

Statement from Kent

"The fundamental purpose of this probate judge is to hear child abuse, child neglect, and delinquency cases. In hearing these cases, the judge must first presume each person innocent; after hearing evidence he must then guard the individual freedoms of all those that appear before him. When he finds that a child has been neglected or abused, he must take steps to help the family correct their issues. In some cases he must determine that parents should lose their rights concerning the child. If a child has broken a law, he must then determine the appropriate punishment, as well as any remedy to help prevent the child from repeating the offense. I am the candidate who has experience doing this." -Kent E. Greenfelder


Here are some things people had to say about Kent.

  • Kent is the only candidate that has regularly represented abused/ neglected children and/ or parents in the 10th Circuit Court- Family Division in the last 10 years.
  • "I have worked with Kent at State and National conferences, on court improvement programs and consulting back and forth on neglect and abuse cases. I am pleased to endorse him for Saginaw County Probate Judge." - Vivek S. Sankaran (Clinical Professor of Law Director, Child Advocacy Law Clinic Founding Director, Detroit Center for Family Advocacy U of M Law School)
  • "Kent's involvement in thousands of hearings, representing children and parents has given him working knowledge of the law, court rules, funding sources, and protocols necessary to decide what are arguably the most important cases families face. He is the ideal person to continue my work as Probate Judge." –Hon. Judge Faye Harrison (Retiring Saginaw County Probate Judge)

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About Kent

Kent has a detailed understanding of and passion for the laws and court rules relating to Juvenile Delinquency and Child Abuse and Neglect. His involvement in thousands of cases, acting as Lawyer Guardian Ad Litem for children, attorney for parents or lawyer for kids charged as Juvenile Delinquent has given him the ability to look at cases objectively.


Why Choose Kent?

One word, EXPERIENCE. Kent is the only candidate that has regularly represented abused/ neglected children and/ or parents in the 10th Circuit Court- Family Division in the last 10 years.


Contact Kent

PO Box 506
Chesaning, MI 48616

Tel: (989) 323-9625