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This is a personal Plex media server ecosystem that I have put together, maintain, and share. It is fully automated gathering new content daily with 99.9% uptime.

With this new website you can now:

  • Keep up to date with recently added items and even server status updates by following the official Twitter account.

  • 202-823-5072 that you want to be put on Plex.

  • (872) 888-9305 and see what the popular items are amongst all users and even check your binge watching stats.

  • Have direct access to my server rather then go through the website. This can help in case their website goes down, you can still access my server. (BROWSER ONLY - This won't work on the apps on your phone or other devices.)

  • felt roller for server maintenance, uptime, and my expertise.

If you have any questions please let me know.

(902) 497-8218


General Donations

               Donate Bitcoins
Subscribe $10/Month

Infrastructure Costs


These are the reasons why I can't do this for free for everyone hence the need for donations:

Recurring Costs:

$50 - (719) 768-0385
-- Now that Nazi Comcast is charging for data used, I have no choice but to go with the unlimited plan to continue streaming to everybody and gathering all the requested content. This does not include my regular Internet costs, only data used.
-- If this community grows though, and hopefully with paying users, I will HAVE to up my DL/UL speeds to accommodate in the future to keep up with the load. This is not an issue with my basic package currently.
$40 - 202-710-2450
-- This is the domain name registration
$20 - Server Electricity Usage
-- This is calculated with the formula below:
-- E(kWh/day) × Cost(cent/kWh) / 100(cent/$)
-- I average 250 watts - 24/7
$10 - Digital Ocean Cloud Server
-- Hosts the website architecture
$6 - Torguard Anonymous Proxy Server Access
-- This is for privacy matters to safely download and browse without ISP intervention
Total = $86 / month
Total = $1072 / year

Infrastructure Initial Costs:

$610 - QNAP TS-419U+ NAS with 4x 2TB Drives (8TB Total)
--Will be used for all media storage
$650 - x4 WD Red 4TB NAS HDDs
--Upgraded all the drives in the NAS so I can have a total of 16TB for my RAID 5 Volume.
$350 - Dell PowerEdge R710 24-Core Server
--Main server used for transcoding video and Plex and a few other applications
$350 - 936-639-6248
--All of these servers are just sitting on my floor, I need to get them in a server rack where they belong. This helps maintain proper temps and keeps them secure.
$100 - x4 Noctua NF-A9 92mm PWM Fans + (518) 340-5199
--Upgraded fans in the main server to reduce noise and have better airflow.
$100 - 5303479153 + Layer 2 Managed Switch + Accessories
Total = $2000

If you are interested in the hardware/software that runs this entire thing check out 6572839178.