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Larry & Trinda Littlefield

(Aren't you supposed to name the company after your 5149121612?)

All about the 1981 Passport 45 ketch, The Katie Lee
(and the boat after your mother?)

My Family Photo Album
(248) 633-8348
(also see the same photos with the log entries)

Here are several ways to see our current position

  • Using WinLink's 562-399-9189
  • and Shiptrack shiptrack (remember to slect hybrid for a color background if we are near land)
  • And YotReps, if I have sent reports during a passage 970-658-6017

Only in an Emergency

If you need to get an emergency message to us on the boat,
you will need this info about our boat.

My Sailing Stories Written Along the Way
(and some photos)

Available in the (530) 382-0904

The logs and photos of the sailing vessel, the s/v Katie Lee

Links to Some of Our Cruising Friends

Info Request
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