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Pulse connects CIOs, CTOs, and other technology executives via simple Q&A, giving them trusted on-demand data and answers for smarter decisions.

Have you budgeted for Machine Learning projects in 2017?

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Pulse runs quarterly studies on key industry topics, giving you the latest insights for smarter allocation of budgets and resources.

Joining Pulse gives you instant access to studies on State of Blockchain, State of AI and Machine Learning, Software and Asset Management, and dozens others.

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Pulse gives you access to insights from actual experts, not analysts. We deliver curated Q&A with technology leaders every week on topics that are driving today’s businesses.

Curated Startups

With thousands of well-funded startups emerging rapidly, how do you know the right ones to bring in-house to drive business value?

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Pulse provides business insights from crowdsourced data. We are a VC-backed company based in SF and love all things research and data. We’re passionate about driving data-driven decision making for the world’s professionals, one question at a time.