The housing repair diagnostics tool for the 21st century

Single interface for tenants and call centre staff - fully responsive for desktop, tablet & smartphone


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Smartphone Friendly

Tenant repair reporting has never been so accessible.
The interface works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, providing the tenant with an optimised experience for the device they are using at the time.

Easy to Use

Tenant experience forms the core of the repair locator system design, resulting in an easy to use, WCAG Level AA compliant self-service interface to allow tenants to diagnose and report repairs as quickly and efficiently a possible.
The average time for a tenant to successfully book a repair slot stands at just 99 seconds.

One Interface for All

Stay on the same page as your tenants, quite literally.
The very same diagnostic tool interface can be used by both tenants and staff. Tenants benefit from the usual great experience whilst staff benefit from additional features such as conversational prompts and guidance.

Embed or Standalone

The diagnostic tool can be easily embedded into your existing website or customer portal, providing a seamless experience for your tenants.
Or, if you prefer, it can also be launched as a separate standalone application, perfect for your call centre operatives or where your existing website isn’t optimised for tablet or smartphone devices.

SOR-Specific Information

Every SOR code supports additional custom information that can be presented to the tenant within the tool.
Provide useful information on how they could try to safely fix the problem themselves, how they should handle the issue before it has been resolved, anything at all. It’s up to you.

Appointment Booking

Report, book, done. A truly self-service repair reporting experience.
The system can integrate with your existing scheduling system, enabling tenants to be presented with a range of appointment slots for instant booking - without ever leaving the process.

Repair Estimation

Reduce the overheads of estimating housing repairs.
An innovative, configurable estimation facility enables you to present SOR-specific estimation questions to the tenant. The system automatically calculates an estimate for the repair duration based on the tenants responses.

Powerful Admin Portal

An intuitive, feature-rich administration facility allows you to configure SOR codes, priorities, business rules, estimation questions and more.
The freedom to easily update your own repair diagnostic tool puts you in complete control and reduces maintenance fees.
Full training is provided with every installation.

Custom Business Rules

Your rules, your way.
You remain in complete control of the route to each SOR code through an array of routing options.
Optional filtering questions allow you to present the the tenant with a question and, based on their response, change the SOR, change the priority or even ask another filtering question.

Custom Integration

The diagnostic tool can be integrated with many housing management systems and, as we’re a custom development agency by trade, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the necessary experience and know-how to build the system into your specific environment.

Developed with tenants

Tenant input was critical to the development of the reporting interface, resulting in a simple, intuitive workflow that enables tenanats to diagnose and report repairs as quickly as possible - no headaches.

Infinitely scalable

50 properties or 500,000, 10 SOR codes or 10,000, the system architecture was designed to support the needs of your organisation, both now and as you grow in the future.

Full support & aftercare

From initial consultancy, integration and training to long term maintenance, support and aftercare, you can be safe in the knowledge that our personal service will keep you well covered.

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