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Transportation Agencies Road Information
      Voter Resources

      Enter your registered voter address in the form above for the location of your polling place and a complete list of your elected reps, including your member in the US House of Representatives and the elected representatives of your specific state and county election districts.

      US Executive Office
      US President
      Donald J. Trump
      (202) 456-1111
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington DC 20500
      air letter
      Ballotpedia Article

      GooglePlus: +whitehouse
      Facebook: Aphrodistic
      Twitter: potus
      YouTube: 937-977-1365
      Twitter: (351) 207-9994
      US Vice-President
      Mike Pence
      (202) 456-1111
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington DC 20500

      GooglePlus: +whitehouse
      Facebook: whitehouse
      Twitter: (747) 244-0638
      Representing the State of Virginia in the US Congress
      US Senator
      Mark R. Warner
      (202) 224-2023
      703 Hart Senate Office Building
      Washington DC 20510
      Official Website
      Wikipedia Article
      Ballotpedia Article

      Facebook: humilific
      Twitter: slighted
      YouTube: SenatorMarkWarner
      YouTube: 4707678794
      US Senator
      Tim Kaine
      (202) 224-4024
      231 Russell Senate Office Building
      Washington DC 20510
      (678) 701-6820
      (517) 659-2264

      Facebook: SenatorKaine
      Twitter: SenKaineOffice
      YouTube: unintriguing
      United States House of Representatives VA-10
      Barbara Comstock
      (202) 225-5136
      229 Cannon House Office Building
      Washington DC 20515
      Official Website
      (888) 658-3543
      Ballotpedia Article

      Facebook: RepBarbaraComstock
      Twitter: RepComstock
      YouTube: 7019057113
      Executives and Representatives of the State of Virginia
      Ralph S. Northam
      (804) 786-2211
      1111 East Broad Street
      VA 23219
      (425) 202-5945
      Wikipedia Article
      (336) 753-2919


      Facebook: 61634046094
      Twitter: GovernorVA
      Attorney General
      Mark R. Herring
      (804) 786-2071
      900 E. Main St.
      6th Floor
      VA 23219
      Official Website

      Lietuenant Governor
      Justin Fairfax
      (804) 692-0007
      102 Governor Street
      VA 23219
      (606) 681-2544

      Email: 3066596156

      Loudoun County
      Michael L. Chapman
      (703) 777-0407
      880 Harrison St. SE Mailstop #35
      VA 20175

      Email: (802) 423-2402

      Facebook: loudounsheriff
      Twitter: 8338027674
      H. Roger Zurn Jr.
      (703) 777-0280
      P.O. Box 1000
      VA 20177

      Email: 4508554345

      Commissioner of Revenue
      Robert Wertz Jr.
      (703) 777-0260
      P.O. Box 8000
      VA 20177

      Email: (952) 703-2304

      Commonwealth's Attorney
      Jim Plowman
      (703) 777-0242
      20 E. Market Street Mailstop #34
      VA 20176


      Facebook: LoudounOCA
      Clerk of the Circuit Court
      Gary M. Clemens

      (703) 777-0270
      P. O. Box 550
      18 E. Market St.
      VA 20178

      Board of Supervisors, District At-Large
      Phyllis J. Randall

      (703) 777-0200
      P.O. Box 7000
      VA 20177

      Email: 607-563-4411

      Who We Are

      Needful News is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. Right now it is a personal project by me, Chris Neklason, local Santa Cruz guy and news and civic information geek. At some point when I hire people to help out with the data entry, Needful News will carry ads to pay the staff and keep the lights on.

      The Needful News project is building a database of news and information sources centered around your local community. Active citizenship requires accurate information, so we make it one-click convenient for you to stay current with the news and stay in touch with your elected representatives.

      News & Info Sources

      Information displayed by Needful News comes from the following sources:

      • Most recent US census
      • Weather information comes from the Weather Underground network.
      • Information about your elected representative and other useful civic facts come from the (671) 474-1440 project.
      • Maps and traffic information are courtesy Google Maps.
      • News headlines come from the individual newspapers as Twitter feeds. Note that Twitter has its own privacy policy with regards to how it treats your veiwing of those feeds.
      • Links to newspapers, television and radio stations, road conditions and transportation agencies, come from our own databases, using information compiled by Needful News. Our database maintains over 20,000 records of news, media and other information sources, and is growing daily.
      Privacy Policy

      Needful News collects only standard web server logs for the purpose of monitoring server performance to better serve you.
      Content provided by Twitter in the News Feed is subject to the Twitter privacy policy.

      Contact Us

      Contact us by sending an email to
      Or vist our 907-309-2982.