I've never seen so much paper.

I was late for the bus, late for work, and got a run my stockings.

Take this piece of chalk and write on the blackboard.

They're firing at us.

Ram speaks French a little.

Something wrong with that?

Grace will stay with us for a couple of weeks.

Those works here.

That's all I did.

Sofoklis reached for his cell phone.

We soon agreed on a rent for the apartment.

The situation made Joseph uneasy.

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I just need to be alone.

Slow and steady wins the race, but time and tide wait for no man.

He looks like Johnny Depp.

Rupert certainly seems happy.

The doctors said he would never again be able to walk without some support.

You're not exactly supposed to be here.

How long are you going to keep whimpering about that? You can't change the past.

Do you mind if I go back to sleep now?

Anne hardly ever works anymore.


She was dressed in white at the party.

My fiancee arrived without notifying me beforehand, and I felt embarrassed.

He's head over heels in love with Florian.

I didn't understand this joke.

Products made from petroleum are vital to modern societies.

I'm afraid I'm imposing on your hospitality.

He turned off the light.

You're surely going to forget it before we get to the house.

Can you explain what happened?

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What were you dreaming about?


I was so excited that I could not fall asleep.

That wasn't the plan.

It's a newspaper like all the others.

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We will prepare for a boycott against Western Samoa.

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Does Hy look thirty to you?

I'm your roommate Paul.

You didn't scare me off.

Jos opened the refrigerator and took out one of the bottles.

How great Getter Jaani is!

I hate myself for hating them.

We ate a very delicious pie.

Wow, you catch on quick.

She regarded him as stupid.

I'm trying to figure out what to tell Raja.

You know times have changed when rivals like Hitachi and NEC get together.

The baby was playing with a rattle.

Real was at home.


She shouted, but nobody heard her.

Is there some sort of problem?

Beth asked Sam to quiet down.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

We're going to the bar.

She wrapped her sandwich in plastic wrap.

You're being paranoid.


The final stop of Tokaido line is Tokyo.

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I told Christophe on the phone I can't help him.

He had to leave school because he was poor.

Do you have a bucket of water for me by any chance? I have a flat tire.

We have three weeks.

He drew a chair near her.

I didn't sleep a wink.

I wouldn't have been able to do that without Stanislaw's help.


The sound rises and falls.

Can we talk to you for a second?

He was an artist who earned a living by painting royal portraits.

He prefers his poems to mine.

What was Don told?

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Even Vassos lied to us.

Miss Brown has gotten used to eating Japanese food.

He worked through the night.

Where were you last year?

The two sides signed a peace treaty.

I'm supposed to do everything by myself.

It was dark in the American house.


You've already seen it, I think.

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Lars is from a little farming town up north.


She burst into tears when she heard the news.

I can't stand being looked at like that.

The girl was sick for home.

What do you want to see while you're here?

I want a closer look at that.

If you will it - it is no fairy tale.

I flood myself with light of the immense.


Sehyo has decided to go to Boston.

Easter is a pagan holiday.

Patience wins out in the end.


It was very fun.

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She is a strumpet.

Her house was broken into last night.

I'll have a kebab pizza deluxe, with mixed sauce.

Turning to the right, you will find the city hall in front of you.

I would like you to translate this book into English.

Congratulations are in order.

Murthy made it clear that he didn't intend to help Pedro.

I am learning to play the guitar now.

I've been very hungry since this morning.

Did you know that when you say "America", it can mean the USA or the continent of both Americas?

We have some work that needs to be done.

I would like to send a package to Japan.

We teased her about it.

He is always full of power.

He was named Tomas after his father.

Make a final copy of the letter.

They're not interested in politics.

I want to have a word with them.

Please respond.


I wonder if we can talk Stevan into donating some money.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the intersection.

He owed large amounts of money.


He goes on duty at 9 a.m. and come off duty at 6 p.m.

Pim is losing blood.

I wish you the best of luck in your next endeavor.


You've frightened them.

I want the whole world to know that we're going to get married.

I don't like him one bit.

He kept on writing stories about animals.

The derivative of a constant function is always zero.


I'm sure Frederic has some questions he wants to ask you.

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John doesn't get paid all that much.

President Hayes vetoed the bill.

It was apparent to everybody that our team was stronger.


You'll be sorry.


She was dismissed on the grounds of neglect of duty.

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Here you can make good bargains.

Johnathan isn't witty.

We're being unfair.

He spoke with an American accent.

Socorrito was unsure what to do.

He talked about his trip.

I was having dinner with my parents.

He has a short attention span.

I can't help but laugh at how foolish you were.


I buried it.

If you don't want to buy some unnecessary thing, don't go to the fair.

I go to the office by bicycle except on rainy days.

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Spyros gave Piet a ride home after the party.


What's worrying you?


Do you want to see my boat?

This is a matter worthy of note.

Only 514 people have been in space.

Where are you going to go on your vacation?

It must've slipped my mind.

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Alain will take a walk in the park this afternoon.

They made a joint decision to divorce.

I had to get the facts.

I gave him a warning, to which he paid no attention.

I'm gay, so what?

He blocked my way.

It's something really embarrassing.


He seems hungry.

God created him.

Get rid of that stupid guitar.

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He lost no time.


There is no denying that he is clever.


"Are you happy?" "Yes, I suppose I am."

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A wreath was bound around his head.

Geoffrey, a highly advantaged student at a private college, bought a motorcycle and vanished with it.

Jwahar is in pretty good health.


The two girls, quite unconstrained and careless, danced in the freedom and gaiety of their hearts.

Forward this to everyone you know.

I was demanding.

Everyone was surprised when I went into the room.

He has a nice job and a nice house.