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What is your ultimate summer song?

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Who helped him?

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Interlingua has five older sisters.

I listen to and prefer jazz over classical.

Make your choice.

He is a man of few words, but he always keeps his promise.

They announced the results as of May 1.


I like your dogs.

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Don't let Laurie stay here.

I'm not keen on this kind of music.

Sridharan became famous.

Put your backs into it.

Julia hasn't heard from Francisco since last June.

Sergiu has a sharp mind.

I am sorry I am unable to attend your party.

We did not get your letter until yesterday.

Her health isn't equal to that heavy task.

Emmett convinced me you were the best person for the job.

Do you agree to our proposal?

Last call!

The baby woke up in the middle of the night.

The question is who'll do it.

Do you know the man who's staring at you?


Liz likes to listen to music from the eighties.

I'm an extremely humble person.

Take your time. You're working too fast. You'll make mistakes.


The girl answered: "Yes, auntie, I'll eat them both."


I know they're hiding something.


I'm in touch with him.

Why don't I show you?

The behaviour of a few spoiled the fun for everyone.


The reason why he left the tennis club is obscure.


I came into the world without anything. I will leave the world without anything but love. Everything else is borrowed.

Nathaniel looks as if he's angry.

Most developing countries are suffering from overpopulation.


We will replace the current version with the upgrade.


This floral arrangement is beautiful.

I cannot eat carrots. I don't like them.

Don't be quiet and say everything.

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After he died, he wanted his ashes spread over the ocean.

Naoto cried all night long.

She must go there.


Rome is famous for its ancient architecture.

She failed to keep her promise.

What's the worst-case scenario?

I'm in the bathtub.

Joanne isn't a good person.

The police took the hostages to safety.

Non sequitur is the last resort of the inane.

That game was rigged.

We have never heard from him since.

Would you mind showing Betsy around the city?

The sea was glassy.

Shirley was especially good at that.

Carol had no other choice.

You've got to be joking!

Kristen and Tai both started to laugh.

His house is just across from the post office.

I'm pretty tired from last night.

Is Toft actually in danger?

To see you is always a great pleasure.


They must be replaced.


I don't know the truth.

They were really nice.

Many goods are transported across the globe by ship.

That boy looks like him.

We're getting out of here in a moment.

Nobody's seen her in a month.

Say it's not so.

I know how we can help.

All men are equal according to law.

He was walking up and down the station platform.

Do you know how to crochet?

Jealousy is not the same as envy. Do not confuse the two. There is a difference.

Toufic is trying to figure things out.

Tracy purposely wore his shirt inside out just to irritate Jianyun.

I wish that you had brought a heating pack. It's a necessary article in winter.

Do you want to go for a walk later?

Have you bought your Christmas gifts yet?


Why isn't there any money in my wallet?

"That's what grandmas are for." "No, grandmas are for pwning noobs."

What is your impression of America?

She left her hometown.

Get rid of him.

I was adopted at birth and have never met my mum. That makes it very difficult to enjoy any lapdance.

This time it does not fail.

When I was a student, I was the worst at composition.

The dog is chewing on something.


Prepare yourself for a shock, Those.

Dan played an excerpt of classical music to the students.

Theodore doesn't know a lot about Boston.

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During the interrogation he admitted his guilt.

We're expecting Gideon any minute now.

They accused the teacher of being too strict with the children.

I'm a little shook up.

There are two major political parties in the United States: the conservative Republican Party, and the liberal Democratic Party.

I'm not her type.

The money disappeared.


You just worry about taking care of your baby.


Only if there's a cancellation, and that would be a bolt out of the blue.

Every gadget is just imaginary before one makes it for the first time.

Humans and dinosaurs have never coexisted.


Pieter has a drawer full of letters from Jeany.


Seymour is a good chess player.

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Kit is someone who might be able to help us.


Bradley won the pumpkin-carving contest.

No frequently speaks with Hurf.

You've got to be kidding!

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It's not too much to ask of you, to clean your own shoes, Louis.

Now really isn't a good time.

I'll be there till 2:30.

They kept us waiting outside for a long time.

Ric and Frederic are bickering with each other.


Don't tell them.

Kevin didn't notice that Sharan was staring at him.

I want to thank my host family.

Today is the best day of my life.

We're so sorry.

All the fish in this lake died from cyanide poisoning.

Do you want to go there?

I appreciate your time.

We've got two cats - one is white, and the other's black.

Hard work injured his health.

You've told me that joke before.


Fortunately, Daryl knows what the problem is.


Where can I pick up my baggage?

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The event starts at 6pm.

I never really cared for white wine.

Is there anything I can get for you?


It's kind of you to offer.


Their job is to do the dishes.

I don't think it's fair to single out Nancy.

I need to ask you some questions about Marion.


Welcome to the United States.

Ralf told me he was going to talk to Surya.

What is critical thinking?


They call women who make a hobby out of collecting Chanel goods "Chanellers".

I don't know what you think.

How did he take the news?


They don't know who they should ask.

He stood up with his hat in his hand.

We've tried that.


He explained the literal meaning of the phrase.


Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

Hanging out with Israel is a lot of fun.

You are young and healthy and you will surely live a long life.

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I think Glynn is doing a fine job.


You think I'm crazy, don't you?

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We thought it was pretty good.

Gigi wants to play chess with you.

I'm no longer a rookie.


I don't think this is helping anything.

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That's the best news I've heard in a long time.


We need your key.

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I just can't catch a break.