Find the differences.

I don't want to fire you.

In flight, the airplane rotates about the center of gravity.

Your name was deleted from the list.

Since there are rice paddies near my house, I often hear frogs croaking all night long this time of year.

It's been a hard night for Joanne.

Aren't you hungry?

I'm too drunk.

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Tell him to give them to me.

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English is taught in a lot of countries.

Seize the opportunity that Michael has given you.

Do you still have what we found last night?

Timo took his daughter Sanche to the park.

Panos bowed his head in shame.

People in such countries, especially the ASEAN countries, believe that the secret of Japan's remarkable economic growth is education.

Consider yourselves lucky.

You should not interrupt when someone is talking to someone else.

That was pretty peculiar.

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You can play outside if you want to.

Douglas asked his mother if he could spend the night at John's house.

I've seen all your movies.


That company is managed by a foreigner.


Can you babysit my boys?

I need colored pencils.

The only person I know here is Ima.

Why is Hitoshi so late?

I'm claustrophobic.

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We want to make everybody happy.

Ronni was a potato farmer.

I would go with you, but I don't have any money.

He tended to be lenient toward the children.

This word has three syllables.

The destruction of the ozone layer affects the environment.

I'm excited.

They failed to fulfill the conditions.

He can't afford to get married.

Pepperberg can show Alex two objects (for example, a green square and a red square) and ask, "What's different?"

She's a patient woman.


If it had not been for her help, you would never have done it.

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Ellen had lamb chops, potatoes and mushroom soup for dinner.


The clouds hung low.


Try not to be late.

There's an easier way to do it.

He likes to be surrounded by youth.

I love Tatoeba and all the people that contribute on this website.

Why is he asking me that question?

It's quite strong.

We're getting married next spring.

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I called him up.

I never said you were lying.

Lorenzo is easy to see through.

The story approximates to historical truth.

Ernie hasn't yet told Rhonda about what happened.

Why aren't you with me?

His face was the angriest out of everyones.

I noted that her answer was incorrect.

This house is free of rent.

How do you say that?

Our tax system is still without coherent philosophy.

Publication of the book was timed to coincide with the author's birthday.

Oscar was gunned down just outside the courthouse.


Swimming is a sport that is practised in water.


With all her faults, I still like her.

Atuqtuaq eats the seal blubber uncooked.

A soldier often has to confront danger.

There can be no joy in that idle life.

I am supposed to go to Tokyo next week.

Where did you dig that up again?

Does everybody need one?


We watched a baseball game on television.

This dress will look good on you.

Everybody was thrilled by his story.

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That's what we've got to figure out.

Why did you tell Ed?

We can talk on the bus.


Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?

She knew it by a sixth sense.

Takao and Jose do a lot together.

There will be two of us.

There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something.

The locality does not count for much in Japan.

He's lived there all his life.


She gripped my arm tightly.

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Aren't you going to ask Beth?


If you turn to the left, you'll see a white building.

Not only does he speak English, but also German.

Let's see if I can convince Ramadoss to do the job.


This is unique.

This year the cherry blossoms are coming out a little later than usual.

Many people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.

I'm free in ten minutes.

Nobody mentions my country.


Does that make you feel any better?

What is your aim in life?

If you won't free yourself from this sadness soon, it will poison your whole life.


Daniel is making ube cake.

Access to the mountaintop is difficult.

When will the repair be finished?

The content of the letter had an interesting effect on my marriage.

Excuse me, I can't stay long

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We zipped our two sleeping bags together to make one big sleeping bag.

The workers worked around the clock.

Go out and breathe some fresh air instead of watching TV.

Would you please turn the TV off?

Mari and Maki are sisters.

Dimetry didn't pull the trigger.

It is an endangered species.


The little girl just kept crying.

I'll never work for her.

There's little to do.

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Sit back and enjoy the show.

Today is the second day of the month.

Jesus has an idea.

To know is one thing, and to do is another.

Do you still recognize me?

How long will it be before we cross the border?

I didn't tell Dana to say that.

This sparrow can't fly. Its wings are broken.

This politician is nothing more than an ass-kisser.


Graham isn't as shy as he used to be.

The parking spaces nearest the door are reserved for executives.

Hubert couldn't stop coughing.

I hardly ever see her anymore.

His advice didn't help much.


The detective held the wine glass up to the light checking for fingerprints.


He tore his ligament.

In summer, eggs soon go bad.

Spencer bought 30 gallons of gas.

Markku is a really good friend.

At first, she thought it was a joke.

The man we saw this morning was Mr Green.

Matthias and Pete survived.

The cost in lives was huge.

She left the room and went outside.

It seems to me that he is honest.

What do you enjoy most about learning French?

This song makes my day every time I listen to it.

Roxane is skating.


Your eyes let you see, your ears let you hear. Don't let them keep you from understanding.

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We used to go to the movies on Saturday evening.

They ran upstairs.

Was it you who squealed to the teacher that I cheated?

Every year, the pain got worse.

I want to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu.

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You should calm down a little.

All the laurels belong to him.

Tanaka walks fast.

The pig grunts.

Would Nathan lie to you?

Can you cook an omelette?

This place is so depressing.

I really have to go now.

I let my guard down.

That's trash.

I like eating cake.

Christopher baked Marcia a cake.

The next train will be less crowded than this one.

Where did you go on spring vacation?

I don't like this one.

Novorolsky pretended to be ignorant.

My brother is a good skater.

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The farmer ploughed his field all day.

John and Mechael have known each other since 1976.

I saw some empty bottles lying on the ground.

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I can squeeze you in.


Are you being followed?