I think Noam and Todd are in love.

Where has she learned Italian?

Is anyone hurt?

I think Joubert is trying.


Tell Vic that he can get in touch with me at home this evening.


There is only one truth!

I believe this is the best choice.

He paid me a visit.

Hughes pulled the rope.

I only buy yellow cars.

Stars are born inside clouds of gas and dust called nebulae.

Who is that person?

Those two are pretty close.

I was waiting for the bus at that time.


I don't remember mailing the letter.

I wonder who he was.

They will notify Ned.

Kevyn has a way with words.

I believe men are basically good.

We are who we are.

Les and Starbuck were snuggled up together watching TV when John knocked on the door.

Look for the woman!

The outsiders don't quit their philosophy of novelties.

Case poured Metin a cup of coffee.

Whether a language, dialect, or accent sounds pleasant or not is heavily dependent on whether the listener has any prior prejudices or preconceptions about what he or she is hearing.

Why did the lights go out?

You're a great friend!


Do you want to talk about this?

He bought her drinks.

We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn't going to solve anything.

Dan's investigation led him to an address in London.

I managed to repair my car by myself.


I promise not to tell Edgar.

I spent 100 dollars today.

Tell me the reason why they are absent.

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His mother prevented him from going out because she was anxious about his health.

I don't have any objections.

Now the only ones I really like are the Italian sisters, but they won't win.


I want to hire you to watch Delbert.


Merton saw the exhibits.

Griff told me why I should study French.

Some people like anger, because they think it suppresses their sexual impulse. Often, it's just the opposite.

Scott, prepare the advertising budget right now!

Can you extend my stay until three o'clock?

And so everything ends up coming down on Mai's shoulders.

If you come this way by any chance, drop in to see me.

You can borrow three books at a time.

The apples he sent me were delicious.


Rapid action also has advantages.

If he's in town, why can't the police find him?

Robert has a sister named Hotta.

I found that he was turned over to the police.

They've simply given up hope.

Are you thinking of helping them?

I must have dozed off.

Alexander was a great conqueror.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would stay.

Could you wrap it for mailing?

Ah, those Russians!


I will be busy next week.


I've told you a million times that you shouldn't exaggerate.

He imparted all his knowledge to his son.

Ethan didn't have much water to drink.

The busiest men find the most time.

Do you really think this is a good location for a store?

Money on hand goes away.

He told me that he was going to Italy.

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Jagath lives here all by himself.

Please move out of the way so this lady can go through.

I am full of doubt.


Does the bus stop here?

It was raining, and Joe's long hair was completely wet by the time he got home.

The pep rally was loud.

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It was really quite fast.

Ric and Mann fought about everything.

How can you tell Audrey isn't happy?


Negotiations are still going on.

I'll never come back.

I wasn't lying.


If you don't know the way, ask a policeman.

It's a niche market.

I'm a bit worried because there is a constant banging noise coming from under the bonnet of my car.

This tree bears a lot of fruit.

If you are to succeed in life, work harder.

Reinhard is just a friend.

Celeste and I have fun together.

I drove from Germany to Italy.

Dory is undressing.

I apologize for not replying right away.

I thought Sehyo was going to be here.


English is never wrong when it is beautiful.


There are three cases where people are not able to do English questions; the first is not being able to read fast.

He's swaggering.

She promised me.

You're the only person I know besides me who is actually interested in this kind of thing.

How did the news get out?

Something bad happened to him.

Do you suppose I should attach the web page's URL on those occasions?


You can take that to the bank.

I'm not sure what's wrong with her.

That fact is of great importance from the viewpoint of science.

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I'll talk to her later.

He devoted all his time to the study of history.

We had no choice but to call the police last night.

Celia is a big shot in Hollywood.

Were you surprised to see them?

When you speak fast, I can understand.

What I told Toby is the truth.


I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck.

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None of what's happening today has anything to do with me.


To us, school was a place to get away from as soon as possible.

Magnus handed Winston his wallet.

They set up a fund to support the victims.

Ken kept his eyes on Kamel.

Do you want sugar or milk?

What's Kerry so worried about?

The first and favourite amusement of a child, even before it begins to play, is that of imitating the works of man.

No sooner had she found him than she burst into tears.

Takao brought Chip a drink and placed it in front of her.

How did you solve the problem?

I just wanted to express my condolences.

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I think I left my umbrella in your car.

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I'm no longer depressed.

It's likely to take much longer than you expect.

All of us are happy.

Clyde knew Elizabeth would ask him to do that.

She can do both at the same time.


They would make a perfect couple.


I thought Sassan would leave the book with Mahmoud.

This food truly is tasty.

The kids are all fired up.

Go and buy three bottles of coke.

This can hold about 4 gallons.

I can't stand this any longer.

Money is useless on a desert island.


Don't tell me who I like.

Why is it you can write a letter in English this well, but can't speak in it?

You may go out only if you come back soon.

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I'm late for class.


I had thought of buying a used car, but since I'm earning a decent amount of money now, I decided to splurge and buy a new one.

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Julianto wants to bring dinosaurs back to life.

It is not surprising that he resigned.

Adrian promised Sunil that he wouldn't tell anybody.

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She spends a major part of her income on food.

This is a matter of the utmost importance.

Perhaps you should've gotten a bigger one.

I want you to keep an eye on Jwahar.

Dan angrily attacked Linda.

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Benjamin isn't doing so well.

I know you'd do the same for me, so don't mention it.

Two girls threw up on the bus in two days.

Look, I'm serious.

When chickens pancake-shape maintain, the tractor must have won again.


Why is it so hard for you to be nice to your little brother?

There is little water in the pond.

She must have been gorgeous when she was young.


Phiroze and Lee danced all evening.


You're as beautiful as I remember.

Give them to me.

They are now sitting in conference on that question.

I didn't anticipate this happening.

It's really not that big of a deal.

I hope you have a great time.

Maria named her dog Rex.