A virtual, de-centralized radio studio.
Tools enabling communities to deliver talk-show style broadcasts easily and quickly.


Broadcast Infrastructure

Citizen Radio delivers radio content via the local (or mobile) telephone network. This enables participants to engage with content using their personal (and non smart) device, in contexts without either a radio or IP infrastructure.


Production Tools

An easy to use mobile application facilitates any user to become a radio show host, helping to record trailers, pre-roll content and manage callers during a live show. A minimal (and intermittent) data connection is required for control of the platform.


Content Capture

All audio is captured as individual 'media objects' enabling content to be reused, assesed or distributed after a live show has finished. Content is tagged with topics and individual audio channels (callers) are preserved.

About Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio is a research project investigating how cloud-based, reconfigurable and responsive software platforms can be used to deliver live synchronus 'radio style' content to communities outside of traditional broadcast infrastructures.

Get Involved

Citizen Radio and the underlying platform, Agile Radio are ongoing research projects. We are always looking for collaborators and partners. If you are interested, please get in in touch.

If you want to explore the technology, visit us on GitHub